Candace Owens Mocks Jordan Neely’s Death And Calls For Insane Asylums

Candace Owens Mocks Jordan Neely’s Death And Calls For Insane Asylums

In a new low for Candace Owens, the conservative podcast host claims she has “no sympathy” for Jordan Neely, who was killed this week on a New York City subway train, and says America needs to bring back insane asylums.

During a new episode of the “The Candace Owens Podcast,” Owens warned viewers—on top of one provided by YouTube—who “woke up this morning feeling like you needed a hug,” encouraging them to move past the episode. She then alluded to the fact that she feels no compassion for Neely.

“We’re going to talk about why it is we live in a society where mentally well people are being told to yield to mentally ill people,” Owens said at the top of the episode.

While posting the link to the video first on Twitter, Owens, in the caption, attacked the headlining incident. “Please note that if you cannot contain your “illness” and you behave violently around me and/or my children, I will do my absolute best to put you in a chokehold,” she said. Many followers and critics called “cap” on her claim.

BLACK ENTERPRISE reported that Neely boarded a subway train and soon began hurling insults at passengers when, according to a witness, a 24-year-old former Marine stepped in and brought Neely to the subway floor and placed him in a chokehold—holding him for 15 minutes.

Neely then lost consciousness and was eventually pronounced dead.

Before discussing other topics, Owens asked:

“Is Jordan Neely the new George Floyd?”

She continued to point out that Neely was arrested 42 times and called the Marine a “hero” for intervening and referring to the victim as “a crazy person.”

“The idea that homeless people are just suffering, all they want is some food is complete and utter bull****,” she says. “In these circumstances, nine out of 10 times, you are dealing with individuals who are drug adult maniacs.”

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