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Candace Owens ‘Terrified’ Of Female Pilots, Slams DEI Efforts

Candace Owens slammed for her conservative viewpoint, in which she admitted to being "terrified" of women pilots due to increased DEI efforts from United Airlines.

Candace Owens continues to face backlash on the internet for her extreme and exclusionary takes. The conservative crusader shocked X users on Jan. 26 for stating she would be “terrified” if she were on a plane with a woman pilot, blaming quotas derived from diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) efforts for the fear. 

Owens reshared her commentary from Daily Wire, telling her naysayers to “save your outrage.” Doubling down on her belief that women pilots are solely there to fill a quota and not due to their apt skills in aviation, she fully explained her viewpoint.

The video is in response to right-wing commentator Charlie Kirk, who came under fire for stating that if he sees a Black pilot, he hopes he is qualified. 

“But unfortunately, that is the reality of what happens when it comes to DEI, and what he is remarking on is true,” said Owens.

“I would be terrified if I got onto a plane and saw a woman flying the plane, and I know that we have the United [Airline] CEO saying that he just wants to fulfill a quota.”

She continued, stating how United executive Scott Kirby is more concerned with the representation of diverse pilots than their qualifications, an issue she believes should “alarm” everyone. The conversation surrounding this came from Kirby’s goal for 2030 for United to open its own flight training academy so that the next cohort of pilots can consist of half women and minorities. 

Owens may not know the stats on women and minorities and their marginalization in aviation. Beyond the accessibility to obtain one’s pilot’s license, white men make up 88.3% of those in the profession, as reported by Data USA’s 2021 statistics. Airlines seeking to dismantle this barrier by consciously hiring diverse candidates does not equate to a lower threshold for their training. Instead, the decision to be more aware of this issue will allow more individuals, regardless of gender or racial background, to be part of the aviation industry at this level. 

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