Capitalize On The Cyber Security Crunch With This Tech Certification Bundle

Capitalize On The Cyber Security Crunch With This Tech Certification Bundle

Cyber security remains one of the most relevant fields available today. That’s in part because of the prevalence of computers worldwide and the number of companies and organizations that use them and the cloud to store and secure data.

Further adding to the growing need for revamped cyber security is the remote employment paradigm shift that’s emerged over the past couple of years. With more people working from home and accessing their company’s servers, there’s an even greater chance that information can be compromised by bad actors.

Should you find yourself pondering a career in cyber security, or if you’re interested in reinforcing already-held knowledge in the field, check out The Complete 2023 Tech Certification Training Bundle. For a limited time, you can purchase it for just $49.99. That’s a savings of 97% from its MSRP ($2,189).

Eleven courses spanning 241 lessons are included in this bundle.

For those interested in exploring cyber forensics, the Certified Digital Forensics Examiner course is an ideal primer that teaches the basics needed to become a certified digital forensics examiner. This course is rated 5 stars. It’s packed with ways to learn how to conduct computer forensic investigations of various incidents, and how to present findings effectively through reports and presentations.

The Certified Wireless Network Administrator course offers information on the basics of wireless administration, fundamentals of radio frequency, WiFi access and more. Additionally, students will learn how to navigate site survey tools, high throughput (HT), PoE, BYOD and more. This course includes 45 lectures.

Those interested in healthcare or hospital administration security will benefit from the Certified Healthcare Information Systems Security Practitioner course. It’s rated 5 stars, and it offers a range of information about the skills and knowledge needed to implement the best information technology healthcare practices.

Not many fields have a forecast as positive as cyber security. It’s not bound by location, and it will only become more sought after as employers continue to allow their employees to work from home. Purchase this information-packed bundle today at its low price.

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