Cardi B Cleared Of Battery Charges In Vegas Mic-Throwing Incident

Cardi B Cleared Of Battery Charges In Vegas Mic-Throwing Incident

Rapper Cardi B has been cleared of battery charges after throwing a microphone at a fan during a Las Vegas performance, TMZ reports.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper was performing at Drai’s Beachclub on Jul. 29 when she asked the crowd to cool her down under the blazing hot sun with water. Suddenly, a fan threw a cup with an unknown liquid and ice, causing Cardi to hurl a microphone at them, which bounced and hit another person, who filed a police report.

She was listed as a battery suspect, however, her lawyers, Drew Findling, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld say the case hasn’t gone anywhere. The case never reached the district attorney’s desk and police reported Cardi didn’t commit a criminal offense.

“This afternoon we were notified by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept., that as a result of their investigation, there will be NO charges against Cardi,” the lawyers said.

“On behalf of Cardi, we appreciate the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept’s diligent and prompt resolution of this matter.”

According to ABC News, the person who threw the drink at Cardi was described by police as a “BFA in her late 20’s in a black and white sneaker shoe with colorful letters with a red/cooper hair color.”

The person, who hasn’t been identified, is a 26-year-old white female with brown hair. She claims the incident caused her pain and planned to seek “medical attention.”

The outspoken Bronx native spoke about the incident on Jul. 30 while livestreaming on Stationhead. She said she was “assaulted” and the water and ice hit her in the face “mad hard.”

“What happened yesterday was blatantly disrespectful,” Cardi said.

This wasn’t the only incident where Cardi was recorded hauling a microphone at another person. The night before she had water splashed on her, she was seen on video throwing a microphone at a DJ who she claimed “he was just not doing his job right.”

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