Cardi B Narrowly Escapes FCC Lawsuit For Performing ‘WAP’ At Grammys

Cardi B is taking a trip down memory lane to the time the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) considered suing her for performing “WAP” at the Grammy Awards.

The Grammy-winning rapper decided to call out the FCC on June 28, 2023, in a tweet referencing her and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

“Y’all remember when the FCC almost sued me cuz I performed WAP at the Grammys?” she wrote.

“What about when all the republicans literally harassed me over it? On the news everyday… Y’all remember? Oooohhh cuz I do.”

Cardi’s tweet comes two years after the FCC claimed it had received over 1,000 complaints in response to Cardi and Megan’s performance for their 2020 chart-topping hit. Critics allegedly accused the rapper of putting on a performance that was “pornographic” in nature, Rolling Stone reported.

One viewer in Colorado said Cardi and Megan were performing “as if they were dancing in a strip club.” Errol Webber, who was a Republican California gubernatorial candidate at the time, claimed that Cardi “deliberately chooses to do wrong by gyrating and scissoring her WAP on national TV… in view of other people’s kids.”

“The Grammies are PG,” Cardi tweeted in response. “That means parental guidance.”

“Meaning is your job like it is to mine to my child to monitor what they watch,” she continued. “My performance was around 10 pm on a Sunday Your child should be in bed ready for school the next day why are they up watching Wap?”

In 2021, she responded lyrically during her verse on Lizzo’s “Rumors,” rapping, “Last time I got freaky, the FCC sued me / But I’mma keep doing what I wanna do / ‘Cause all the rumors are, all the rumors are true.”

Cardi’s latest tweet was supported by fans who shared screenshots of some of the criticism she received at the time.

Another fan shared a clip from women’s rights protesters who responded to the conservative backlash by rapping the lyrics to “WAP” outside the White House.

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