Cardi B’s $5.8M Atlanta Mansion Suffers Flood Damage From Hurricane Ida

Cardi B’s $5.8M Atlanta Mansion Suffers Flood Damage From Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida not only devastated Louisiana and the northeast, but even left its mark on Georgia where rapper Cardi B shared that her multimillion-dollar abode was flooded too.

The fifth most powerful hurricane to strike the United States came ashore in southern Louisiana on last Sunday, knocking out power for more than a million customers and water for another 600,000 people, creating miserable conditions for the afflicted, who were also enduring suffocating heat and humidity.

The “WAP” rapper Cardi took to Instagram Story on Wednesday to show how Ida affected her $5.8 million home in the Sandy Springs suburb near Atlanta, where the video was likely shot. Water seemingly has pooled in a hallway as Cardi follows the trail of water to a flooded bathroom.

“F*ck, yo. This sh*t is so f*cking wack,” says a frustrated Cardi B in the clip. “Storm is no joke.”

People across large swaths of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut spent Thursday coping with water-logged basements, power outages, damaged roofs and calls for help from friends and relatives stranded by flooding.

At least 16 have died in the state of New York, officials said, including 13 in New York City where deaths of people trapped in flooded basements highlighted the risk of increasingly extreme weather events.

Biden approved an emergency declaration in New Jersey and New York and ordered federal assistance to supplement state and local response efforts, the White House said late on Thursday.

Biden has also urged private insurance companies to pay homeowners who left in advance of the storm but not necessarily under a mandatory evacuation order.

“Don’t hide behind the fine print and technicality. Do your job. Keep your commitments to your communities that you insure. Do the right thing and pay your policy holders what you owe them to cover the cost of temporary housing in the midst of a natural disaster. Help those in need,” he said.

 Reuters contributed to this report.