Cardi B

Cardi B Doesn’t Regret Hitting Fan With A Microphone While On Stage

Cardi B sat for an interview on The Breakfast Club on Friday, September 8, to discuss her career and life. And, yes, she finally talked about the infamous Las Vegas microphone-throwing incident caught on video in July.

Now that she’s been legally cleared of assault charges, Cardi admitted she does not regret she threw the mic at the concert attendee. 

Breakfast Club hosts DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God asked the “Bodak Yellow” rapper if she regretted “throwing that microphone at that young lady.”

Cardi B was quick to give her side of the story. 

“It was really like a quick reaction, and let me tell you motherf******, I didn’t really want to address it because I thought [I was] gonna go to jail, but I’m not…and people was making they own s*** right?” she said. 

She began to explain the situation in detail, “Let me tell you something, right? It was hot as f***. That Vegas heat [ain’t no joke]. It was hot as f***, hotter than a motherf*****. So there was a part of the show when I told people, you know, splash me. Even when I told them to splash me, I told them to be careful with the face ’cause the face is beat…so f****** four songs after—nobody had been splashing me. I told y’all to splash me for one lil second, [and then] like, I don’t know, 15, 20 minutes after this b**** threw water and ice on my face.”

She continued, “So I just automatically reached, I reacted. I didn’t even know if I was throwing it in her direction, I just threw the sh** because it’s like ‘b**** you hit me right in my face.”

She expressed that after taking some time to review the footage of the incident, she decided the audience member who threw ice at her hit her in the face on purpose. Cardi acknowledged that people were whining about her reaction to the ice but then asked them to imagine getting hit in the face with ice and water as she was on stage and then to consider how they would feel.  

“I’m like, nah, you intended to throw that s*** in my face ’cause you threw it like [overhand]. I felt very violated.” 

Although Cardi admitted that she told fans to splash her, she clarified that it was during “one little segment” of her set. She pointed to the fact that none of her other fans got her face wet to explain why she thought the whole thing was intentional.

She questioned, “How did 10 people splash me and not hit me in my face, but you hit me directly in my face…you was tryna be funny, b****.”

Cardi B concluded the interview topic by saying that she was happy to hit the person with the microphone because they “weren’t really a fan.”

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