Cardi B

Cardi B’s Infamous Thrown Mic Sells At Auction For Almost $100K

Now both Cardi B and the microphone she tossed into the crowd during her infamous Las Vegas concert are making “money moves.”

In an eBay auction started by the production company that owned the audio equipment for Cardi B’s performance that day, the mic was sold for $99,900.

Cardi B made headlines July 29 when the rapper chucked the mic into the crowd at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas after someone threw a drink as she performed her hit song “Bodak Yellow.” The mother of two reacted swiftly, letting the track play out without her audio.

The auction capitalized off the social media frenzy surrounding the altercation, in which Cardi herself was at risk of getting charged with battery. That following Monday, a concertgoer who was allegedly struck with the microphone tried to get authorities involved to build a case.

However, the investigation was dropped, with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police citing “insufficient evidence.” Cardi B’s attorneys thanked the officials for their “diligent and prompt resolution” to the messy situation. Despite this, the public fascination with the whole ordeal never ceased, leading to the eBay auction and someone paying nearly six figures for the infamous mic.

According to TMZ, bids for the mic started at $500, but 120 offers within the week proved its value on the market to be much more,. Considering the microphone costs ranges from a few hundred to almost $2,000 dollars, the price has clearly gone “Up” for being part of the controversy.

However, the production company over the purchase, The Wave, has announced that the earnings won’t be a payday for anyone. The company owner announced the money will be split between national and local charitable causes, the Wounded Warrior Project and Friendship Circle Las Vegas.

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