Carmelo Anthony Pulls Back The Curtains To His ‘Modern Vintage’ Mansion In Westchester, New York

Carmelo Anthony Pulls Back The Curtains To His ‘Modern Vintage’ Mansion In Westchester, New York

Carmelo Anthony has been living the good life since retiring from the NBA. The New York native is opening the doors and pulling back the curtains to his “modern vintage” mansion in Westchester, NY.

In May, Anthony retired from the NBA after a 20-year career, including seven years with  the New York Knicks. During his tenure, the 10-time NBA All-Star and 3-time Olympic gold medalist would commute to Madison Square Garden from his condo in Chelsea, Manhattan.

While he spent years living in the heart of NYC inside his 4,500-square-foot condo, Anthony also developed an appreciation for the quiet and more spacious parts of New York close to the Big Apple. The Denver Nuggets alum was seemingly preparing for his retirement since last year when he packed up his things and moved into his 13,000-square-foot mansion in Westchester County.

“I love land, I love space. Once you start getting out [of the city] and traveling and going to these other places, you realize that [a 25 to 30-minute drive] is not that far from the city,” Anthony told Architectural Digest.


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The lavish home matches his eclectic style and serves as a museum-inspired tribute to creativity and self-expression.

“The idea for the house [and the vision for] this space was to create my own personal [rotating] art gallery,” Anthony said.

Working with interior designer Cassandre Bonhomme, Anthony sought to fill his home with a mix of decor spanning a variety of styles, time periods, and continents. The duo developed their own style of “modern vintage,” Bonhomme said, that matched with the classic approach the original owner took when building the home in 2006.

Anthony’s personal collection of artwork, furniture, and figurines guided Bonhomme.

“All the different places he goes, he collects things. We wanted to use them as the backdrop of the home,” Bonhomme said.

Among the standout pieces, includes a large mural of Muhammad Ali done in polished wood by the artist Cryptik. The piece was personally commissioned for Anthony and sits in the foyer above the double-arched staircase.

A trio of large marlins that Anthony caught years ago were painted red, black, and white by Bonhomme and placed on the foyer’s right wall. Artworks by Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Kehinde Wiley, and Delphine Diallo line the walls. The level parlor is where Anthony likes to entertain.

“I sit there. I throw my record player on. I can chill. I can see outside…. You get to listen to music,” he says. “You get to vibe to the art, you get to read the books…. It’s just a vibe.”

As for where he stores his massive shoe collection, there’s a personal bedroom for that. His son Kiyan also has a bedroom decked out with vintage furniture and art.

Now, as Anthony settles into retirement and watches his son carry the torch, the father and son are enjoying the peace and tranquility of the ‘burbs and relishing in their art deco-styled home.

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