Coco Gauff, Carol’s Daughter, Hair

Carol’s Daughter Is Coco Gauff’s Official Hair Sponsor

The tennis champ has been using Carol's Daughter for years, sporting her natural hair and protective styles on the court.

Tennis star Coco Gauff has landed a groundbreaking multiyear partnership with natural haircare brand Carol’s Daughter.

According to a press release, this collaboration marks the first beauty brand to join Gauff’s portfolio, signifying a powerful move to uplift Black beauty for a new generation. “I’m delighted to announce my partnership with Carol’s Daughter,” Gauff stated. “Their knowledge of natural haircare is unmatched, and I couldn’t be prouder to align with a brand that shares my values.

Spectators have witnessed the 2023 US Open champion sporting her natural curls or protective styles during matches, inspiring others to celebrate their hair.

Lisa Price, Carol’s Daughter’s founder, expressed the profound impact of Gauff’s representation. “The power of seeing someone like Coco in the world of tennis, for me, is a testament to the work that has been done before her,” Price said. “This is what makes this collaboration so special to me.”

In a new PopSugar editorial, the tennis prodigy discussed her commitment to showcasing Black hairstyles on the court. “When I play, I like to wear protective hairstyles because I need low-manipulation looks,” she revealed. “When I was young, I committed myself to showcasing Black hairstyles when I play, and that’s something that I take pride in. Whether it’s box braids, twists, or my natural hair, it’s a form of self-expression that I’m really proud of, especially because you still don’t see it very often in our sport.”

The beauty enthusiast used products by Carol’s Daughter for years before the new sponsorship. “As I’ve matured, I’ve started learning to embrace my hair more, and working with this brand felt like perfect alignment,” she said, acknowledging Price’s emphasis on family. “Given how close I am to mine, this partnership just felt authentic to me.”

Gauff shared her go-to product, the Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, which she rakes into her hair before a match.