Coco Gauff, US Open, ESPN

Coco Gauff Renovates Childhood Tennis Courts In Delray Beach

The newly refurbished tennis courts are the athlete's way of pouring back into the communities that poured into her.

Tennis phenom Coco Gauff is spending her time giving back to her hometown community in Delray Beach, Florida, with newly refurbished tennis courts at Pompey Park.

The inaugural project part, in collaboration with the U.S. Tennis Association’s U.S. Open Legacy Initiative, is part of a $3 million grant program that aims to enhance tennis court accessibility nationwide. According to NBC News, the professional athlete and the association renovated the same courts where she honed her skills alongside her father.

“I want to pour into the communities that poured into me,” Gauff said. “…I want to promote sports and other extracurricular activities in general because I think everybody needs an outlet in their life.” She added, “The more access you allow children to get to these [courts] — and the more children that are playing — is the greater the probability of the next great champion coming along.”

Her profound connection to Delray Beach runs deeper, with the geographic coordinates of Pompey Park etched onto her shoes, alongside her father’s words: “You can change the world with your racket.” Adjacent lies a baseball field honoring her grandparents, civil rights pioneers who broke through color barriers in the city.

Looking ahead, Gauff’s aspirations are crystal clear. “I want to win a Grand Slam and an Olympic medal. I particularly want to do it this year and win a medal — that’s one of my dreams that I wanted to do as a tennis player.” She plans to compete in singles and doubles events at Paris 2024, embracing the potential for mixed doubles with open arms.

Just months ago, the young talent secured her inaugural Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open, captivating audiences at Arthur Ashe Stadium. BLACK ENTERPRISE noted that Gauff matched Serena Williams’ six appearances in the Grand Slam. The tennis star has also etched her name in history as the first American to mathematically qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic team, as stated by NBC News.