The Cayman Islands: Discover the Culinary Creations of This Caribbean Oasis

The Cayman Islands: Discover the Culinary Creations of This Caribbean Oasis


Grand Cayman may be known for its romantic resorts, sparkling waters, and pristine, white coastlines, but unbeknown to many, it also has a reputation for some of the best food in the Caribbean. From roadside BBQs, to beachfront fish shacks, and international superstar chefs, the island has you covered for any palate you want. Some newcomers have emerged and some old favorites have solidified their place in the pack; because what would be a culinary destination without an ever-evolving restaurant scene? If you dig a little deeper, beyond the sandy shores, it’s easy to see why so many swoon over the culinary offerings of this tiny Caribbean island.

The culinary destinations below are as alluring as the Caribbean’s tropical breezes. They will have your mouth watering well before you arrive. Take a journey into the Cayman Islands through your taste buds.

Peppers Smokehouse Bar and Grill

Peppers Bar & Grill is a casual restaurant and outdoor bar located directly across from the Marriott Hotel on the Seven Mile Beach strip. If you’ve ever been to Scotchies in Jamaica, then you can imagine the island vibe that you can get at Peppers. Delicious island food, great local vibes, and great music is what you’ll experience here. The outdoor area has lots of seating under the island-style thatched roof. You can relax with a beer and a plate of hot, authentic Jamaican jerk or BBQ ribs. So, yea’ mon–go and check it out.

Cayman Cabana

If location is key, it definitely contributes to the success of this Cayman Island locale. Located on the historic Georgetown waterfront, Cayman Cabana offers sweeping ocean views on its rustic, oceanside deck. Here, you get the best of both worlds: the beautiful water views of the island, and delectable cuisine.

Its menu focuses on the freshest of ingredients fused with locally inspired Cayman and Caribbean flavors. What makes this place truly special is that every Thursday evening, the restaurant offers a mouth-watering, slap yo’ mama, farm-to-table menu that features some of the freshest island creations you can imagine. Not to mention, it’s also a great place to go, if you want to party the night away with friends. So, why not come in for dinner and stay for the party, as well?

Lobster Pot

Perched high above the bay, you can enjoy a meal on Lobster Pot’s marvelous deck, with breathtaking views of the ocean and a fresh sea breeze. Every seat offers a panoramic view of the sea, as passing ships and local fishermen return to clean their catches by the dock.

Local ‘catch-of-the-day’ favorites, such as local red snapper, mahi-mahi, and wahoo can be grilled, blackened, pan-fried, or served Cayman-style. Additionally, they come with chef’s vegetables, rice and beans, and golden fried plantains. A must-try is its Cayman Trio, which is broiled lobster tail, grilled mahi-mahi, and garlic shrimp. I also suggest sampling its ‘Pot,’ which is a delicious fusion of a broiled lobster tail, giant garlic prawns, and king crab legs, all served with drawn butter. Isn’t this making your mouth water already?

Rum Point

No visit to Grand Cayman would be complete without a trip to Rum Point. A peaceful beach with a wide range of water sports, food, and drinks, Rum Point has everything you could want or need waiting for you. Rum Point’s designated restaurant, Wreck Bar and Grill, is on a quiet perch at the end of the island, which makes for a beautiful scenic drive as you make your way from your hotel.

As lunchtime rolls around, stop by the Wreck and feast on favorites, such as caybrew fish and chips or traditional jerk pork. Also, there’s no better place to order a strong cocktail (mudslides are their signature drink) as you relax with the amazing sights and friendly passersby. 


The bright red, English double-decker bus standing outside of Deckers Restaurant makes this a hard place to miss. With great live music pumping from the speakers, fresh seafood (including jerk calamari, blackened mahi-mahi, and more), and friendly customer service, Deckers is a wonderful place to unwind, sip great cocktails, and make your taste buds happy. The menu is a creative fusion of island-inspired tastes and Mediterranean influences, with fresh local fish, lobster specialties, and the finest cuts of meat, all possessing a myriad of tantalizing flavors. Refreshingly unpretentious and true to Caribbean hospitality, Decker’s Restaurant remains a bustling eatery you won’t want to miss.