Celebrate Girls Day of Code on August 8

Celebrate Girls Day of Code on August 8

On August 8th, several cities around the world will host “Girls Day of Code,” events to help spread awareness about the need for more women in computing. In response to the alarming statistics about the lack of women in technology fields, 100 Girls of Code aims to bridge the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) gap by “providing young women with free workshops introducing them to the world of computer science and engineering, where they create with code and engage in hands-on, innovative thinking.”

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The mission of 100 Girls of Code is to achieve gender parity in STEM fields by introducing more young women to code and computer engineering at a young age. These workshops are led by programmers who are experts in their fields and academically-trained, but most importantly, they are “girls of code” themselves.” In addition to hosting events, volunteers can also sign up to support activities in their local areas. “Girls in STEM will hear talks from women in STEM and gain hands-on coding experience. I speak at workshops, participate in media appearances and other promotional opportunities, and aid in sponsorships and strategic planning for the organization.” said Brit Fitzpatrick, an ambassador and advisory board member of 100GirlsofCode.

Whether its creating video games and websites or getting one-on-one mentorship from other women in technology, there are several events scheduled in Tennessee, Ireland, Costa Rica, Alabama, Georgia, and Virginia to name a few.  To host or attend an event, visit Girls Day of Code.