Celebrity Coach Marshawn Evans Daniels on Why One Must Believe Bigger to Go To The Next Level in Business
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Celebrity Coach Marshawn Evans Daniels on Why One Must Believe Bigger to Go To The Next Level in Business

Marshawn Evans Daniels
Marshawn Evans Daniels

Marshawn Evans Daniels is every bit of the word boss. She is a reinvention strategist and first-generation millionaire mentoring women around the world to live bolder. As a serial entrepreneur, TV personality, creator of the Godfidence® movement, and founder of SHE Profits®, she helps women turn ideas into income and faith into action. A former Miss America-finalist, pro sports attorney, and competitor on The Apprentice, she is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court. She is the author of the best-selling book, 100 Days of Believing BiggerMarshawn is passionate about purpose, manifestation, motherhood, entrepreneurship, and traveling the globe with her husband, Jack. Speaking with Marshawn was pure joy. We got an opportunity to sit down with this new mom of triplet girls. And boy was it captivating!

Marshawn Evans DanielsBE: Why do you believe on the scale that you believe for others?

Marshawn: I think the people that have been doubted the most always believe the most. I remember when I was in the sixth grade and I raised my hand to ask a question. I remember her making me feel like I was dumb for asking the question. It felt disappointing. I’m 11 years old. I remember saying to myself that I’m going to be a teacher one day and no one in my classroom will ever feel like they are incapable, or not smart, or not important. They’re going to feel like they can do anything. I didn’t end up becoming a teacher per se, but I mentor, I lead, I teach. I feel as though I am a catalyst to awaken new opportunities. But those opportunities are usually belief-centric. What do you believe is possible for you and your life? How have your beliefs blocked you from prosperity, health, family, marriage? Your beliefs are the bridge to your promised land. The places that we end up are usually the by-product of the beliefs that we have about where we’re good enough to be. It’s not that I shaped my life at 11 years old, but I do have a vivid memory of that moment. Purpose is a part of your DNA. When you operate in your purpose, your DNA, you naturally invite others to do the same. I believe (at 11) that’s when heaven whispered into my ear and told me that I was going to teach people how to believe BIGGER.

Why is it so important to you for women to be entrepreneurs? Why is that an area that you go so hard after?

Marshawn: There’s a conscious version and then there’s the intrinsic version to that. It’s just sometimes how you’re wired. It goes back to what we just spoke about. I don’t have to try to make people make more money. That happens when people are around me. That can sound a way to people who don’t understand the humility of ownership of your gift; it can sound arrogant. But it’s not. I had to recognize that this has always been the impact. When people associate with one’s gift, it can be for the better for them. When people are around, they believe bigger, they start businesses. I wrote my book Believe Bigger. It’s not a business book, it’s about finding purpose, overcoming infidelity.

The intentions part is, I enjoy seeing people prosper; especially believers that believe it’s not godly. I believe that all women are gifted with the gift of prosperity.

Let’s talk a little bit about what you have going on with teaching women about the e-commerce business.

Marshawn: I have been working behind the scenes to help women launch into e-commerce. There are a couple of reasons why I thought that was important in this season. As a coach, author, and as a speaker, I have helped others step into that space to become world-class authors and speakers. I have built one of the largest coaching companies for women of faith in the country. And in making millions of dollars in that space, I also recognize that everyone is not going to be able to afford to work with a coach where it costs $15,000 to $50,000. I wanted to create an opportunity for every woman to be an entrepreneur. Every woman deserves an opportunity to experience prosperity. E-commerce grew a span of 10 years in three months. That is why I created that space.


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