Celebrity Makeup Artist Empowering Beauty Tips Help You Look Your Best

Celebrity Makeup Artist Empowering Beauty Tips Help You Look Your Best

In the wake of unrealistic portrayals of beauty on TV, social media and beyond, Melissa Hibbert remains true to her craft doing what she does best: inspiring women to look and feel exquisitely beautiful.

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“I would like to see more of celebration of our beauty and embracing our own self-worth, not by what’s on the screens as we scroll through, but the woman we appreciate when we look in the mirror.  Because that woman is real, that woman is worthy, that woman has value!” says Hibbert.

In the midst of planning a “Beauty and the Business” empowerment conference, landing a cover on the May Beauty issue of “1966 magazine,” preparing for season 2 of Behind The Glam, and launching her own firm “The Glam Agency, a premier multicultural talent management firm representing leading Makeup Artists, Hairstylist, Fashion Stylists and more Black Enterprise caught up with the busy trailblazer to learn a few beauty tips for women.

What’s most important to you as a make up artist?

It’s important for me as a Makeup Artist is to be an invaluable resources to my clients desire to look and feel her best.  I must be at the top of my game because her image is relying on it – my expertise can make or break how she feels about herself and I take that very seriously.

What’s your must have beauty item?

The one beauty item I can’t live without is eyebrow pencil.  Long ago in my high school years, I use to over-tweeze and shave my brows and unfortunately they never quite grew back as thick, so I rely on the brow pencil to fill in the areas that I need some “assistance”.  The brows truly frame the face, so I always make sure they are on point.

Can you share some video tutorials on applying eye makeup? Sure, check out a few of my favorites:

How to Combine Black & Gray Eye Shadow Like a Movie Star : Eye Makeup Advice & More


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