Redman Wants No Parts Of Artificial Intelligence Says, ‘Don’t Let Technology Ruin Hip-Hop’

As much as artificial intelligence is geared to be the “next big thing” in technology, the number of people against using it has grown.

New Jersey native and recording artist Redman is the latest personality to make a statement against AI. While talking to VIBE magazine on the red carpet at the 2023 BET Awards event, the “Time 4 Sum Aksion” rapper said he doesn’t want it to have a negative impact on hip-hop.

“My thing is, don’t let technology ruin hip-hop,” the cannabis connoisseur said to VIBE. “Go back to the essence of it. We need to galvanize everyone together right now and stand up before they do this AI crap. Do not let hip-hop be ruined by technology.”

The topic has been on the minds of people in all fields.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson recently spoke about it while discussing his role in the new Disney+ series, Secret Invasion. He discussed the dangers of AI and his experience working with the technology. He was shocked that people are just now talking about it after he has been dealing with the technology in some of his roles for years.

Jackson’s concerns are real, as he advises future actors to refrain from signing agreements to use their images for AI.

“It could be something to worry about. Future actors should do what I always do when I get a contract and it has the words “in perpetuity” and “known and unknown” on it: I cross that sh*t out. It’s my way of saying, “No, I do not approve of this.”

Meanwhile, BIG3 Founder Ice Cube expressed his disdain for the technology and said if anyone tried to duplicate his voice via AI, he would pursue legal action.

“And I’mma sue the m**af**ka who made it and the people and the platform who play it. It’s like a sample. You know what I mean? Somebody can’t take your original voice and manipulate it without paying. I think AI is demonic [and] I think AI is going to get a backlash from organic people.”

As more companies turn to gain the advances of technology, more people, particularly creatives, will protest the use of the voice, likeness, or anything having to do with being replicated.