Charges Against Black Farmers Dismissed, Couple Still Seeks Justice for Murdered Animals

Charges Against Black Farmers Dismissed, Couple Still Seeks Justice for Murdered Animals

Justice has been served, and now these Black farmers are ready to move forward.

Prosecutors and the Court have dropped all criminal charges against Black El Paso farmers Courtney “CW” and Nicole Mallery, who were arrested in February on felony charges for alleged stalking, tampering with a utility meter, and petty theft.

According to Denver7 News, the couple is pleased with the District Attorney’s conclusion to dismiss the cases. “Today, prosecutors and the Court dropped all charges against the Mallery’s, determining they could not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” the Mallery’s attorneys said in a statement.

“Given evidence that the People have at this point, and the credibility of the witnesses, there is no likelihood for success at trial and therefore the People are moving to dismiss this case,” Fourth Judicial District Attorney Michael Allen wrote in his motion.

Nicole recognized the DA’s honesty in his motion. “I think that speaks volumes about some of what really has been going on with regard to how we were targeted by the sheriff’s office,” she said. “It’s been a lot of trauma. It’s been a lot of pain, a lot of humiliation, embarrassment. And despite what a lot of, maybe the sheriff’s office thinks, we feel pain. We are deeply hurt by their actions and inaction.”

“While justice has been served today, the fight for individual, law enforcement and prosecutorial accountability are far from over,” the couple’s attorneys added in a statement.

Aside from the justice that has been served for the Black farmers, they are still seeking justice for their murdered animals.

The ranchers garnered national support after raising awareness about the ongoing harassment from white neighbors, who allegedly attacked their property through acts of vandalism and animal mutilations, and El Paso County Sheriff’s Office deputies.

The Denver Post reported that their white neighbors allegedly poisoned the Mallery’s animals. The couple was arrested earlier this year due to their neighbor’s attempt to force them out.

CW said he will continue to farm now more than ever.