Charles Koch To Skip Convention, 'Possibly' Back Hillary
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Charles Koch To Skip Convention, ‘Possibly’ Back Hillary

On Sunday, billionaire conservative donor Charles Koch discussed his plans to skip the Republican convention while hinting that Hillary Clinton may not be so bad after all.

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In an interview with ABC’s This Week, Koch confirmed that neither he, nor his political organization, Freedom Partners, would be attending the GOP convention.

“Why go?” Koch said. “We’re not interested in politics. We’re interested in moving us toward a culture and policies that will enable people to improve their lives.”

While that is certainly debatable (the Koch brothers spent an estimated $412 million during the 2012 election cycle), his lack of enthusiasm for the convention of the party he traditionally supports is telling.

Discussing the state of the GOP nomination race, Koch made no attempts to hide his disappointment with the overall tone and rhetoric of the candidates.

We’ve tried to change that for the better, but we haven’t been successful,” he said.

Koch’s comments on Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton also made headlines, as he said it was “possible” that Clinton would be a better option than the current Republican contenders.

“We’re not for somebody because they’re Republican or against them because they are Democrat,” Koch said. “If the Democrats will do a better job, we would support them. But we’re not going to get in any campaign where we believe that we can’t make a difference.”

Koch, and his brother David, have infamously spent hundreds of millions of dollars to elect conservative candidates. The brothers spent an estimated $412 million during the 2012 presidential election. However, it seems that the brothers are unimpressed with this year’s crop of Republican presidential candidates, as they have left them uninspired.