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Father-Daughter Duo Opens Coffee Shop In The Heart Of Their Chicago Community

A father-daughter duo in Chicago aims to warm the soul of their community with a new coffee shop.

On Juneteenth, father and daughter Robbie and Destiny Wilkerson hosted a soft launch for Urban Essentials Coffee Cafe. According to Book Club Chicago, the business owners are looking forward to an official grand opening for the cafe in Soul City Corridor in August 2023.

Urban Essentials Coffee Cafe will open to the general public with a tasty spread of cafe goodies like coffee, cappuccinos, blended drinks, tea, cakes, muffins, sandwiches, and wraps. According to the outlet, city officials, including Mayor Brandon Johnson, will attend the grand opening.

The two family members want the cafe to be where good vibes flow. Destiny has a positive outlook on how the community is and might continue to react to Urban Essentials Coffee Cafe. “With any new business, you get nervous, and you want it to go well,” Destiny said. “But it’s been going well, and we’re excited to see it come together.”

Money makes the world go around. And building wealth is a must for Black people. The father-daughter duo spent $65,000 on the cafe and hopes it will encourage the Black dollar to circulate in the community. “All these building vacancies, to me, says there’s not a lot of money circulating within the community,” Robbie said. The father added, “I’m one man, but it is my effort to create a new economic drive to our community. We hope we can inspire others to build, as well.”

Robbie’s vision for others to build the Austin community might happen sooner. Book Club Chicago reported other groups are working to heal the community of harsh realities. LIVE FREE Illinois is opening 13 church resource centers to help heal gun violence trauma, the chapter’s parent LIVE FREE USA noted.