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Harlem’s Children’s Art Carnival Celebrates Black History Month With Afrofuturist Adaptation Of W.E.B. Du Bois’ ‘The Comet’ In Graphic Novel Exhibit

Illustrator Tim Fielder has adapted the short story into a visually stunning graphic novel.

The Children’s Art Carnival celebrates Black History Month with an innovative and unique Afrofuturist collaboration. They’ve unveiled a Tim Fielder graphic novel adaptation of ‘The Comet’ by W.E.B Du Bois.

The new exhibition will run from Feb. 1 through May 5 and will host a special artist Meet and Greet on Feb. 13.

The Children’s Art Carnival (CAC) is a non-profit based in Harlem that prides itself on hosting a community for cultural and artistic development. As a CAC Alumni Teaching Artist and Afrofuturist visionary, Fielder has excitedly taken on the endeavor of showing off an exhibition of Du Bois’ influential work. The 1920 short story “The Comet” focuses on themes of racism and religion, through the science fiction genre.

As a well-established illustrator, animator, and concept designer, Fielder was excited to be able to integrate Afrofuturism and art into Du Bois’ original short story. He said, “I was compelled to produce a faithful yet expansive graphic novel adaptation of this intellectual powerhouse’s seminal science fiction story, ‘The Comet.’ Uniquely, my learning at CAC was instrumental to my development since they hold a powerful history as a direct and indirect proving ground for many cartoonists of color.”

Fielder’s graphic novel adaptation will be shown in a three-event series, supported by Carnegie Hall’s Fall of the Weimar Republic: Dancing on the Precipice Festival and Dieselfunk Studios in the CAC.

CAC interim chair of the Board of Trustees, Michael Unthank, said in a press release, “We’re excited to continue this great collaboration with Tim Fielder. His adaptation of Du Bois’ story is captivating and comes at the perfect time. As a Carnival veteran, we welcome Tim back again and value this opportunity to continue a great partnership with Carnegie Hall.”

The Children’s Art Carnival is located at 62 Hamilton Terrace, New York, NY, and the exhibition is open to the public during the CAC’s normal operating hours.