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Chlöe And Halle Bailey Launch Victoria’s Secret Pink Collection That’s ‘Wearable For Every Occasion’

Chlöe and Halle Bailey are bringing their sisterly love to Victoria’s Secret Pink with a collection they say is “easily wearable for every occasion.”

On Tuesday, Aug. 29, the “Do It” singers teamed with Pink for a collection of pieces for everyday wardrobes. The “Chloe x Halle Collection” includes everything from parachute pants with a cinched waist, a cropped puffer coat that pairs perfectly with their cropped sheer shirt, and a form-fitting maxi dress inspired by Halle’s style, according to Chlöe.

The collection makes for a seamless transition from work to the gym to the nightclub in pieces that can be worn with sneakers, Uggs, or a pair of heels.

“This collection was inspired by not only our daily wardrobe, but what makes us feel our best, feeling sexy and comfortable at the same time,” Chlöe said in a statement.

Affordability comes first: the 27-piece collection ranges in price from $29.95 to $99.95 with sizes ranging from XS to XXL. A variety of two-piece sets, mesh shirts, and leggings provide the perfect combination of athleisure and stylish streetwear.


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“Sometimes we don’t have time to change when we’re going from place to place,” Chlöe told People. “We wanted to have something that is easily wearable for every occasion.”

Halle agrees their new collection represents their need to look red-carpet-ready at all times but with comfort.

“The whole point my sister and I did this was because we are public figures and we constantly have to look professional, but we want to still look cute wherever we go,” Halle said.

“So, it’s really cool with all of these items in the collection—we’re able to dress them up, but also dress them down.”

The collection’s body-hugging silhouettes and crop tops are second nature for Chloe but new to Halle who has only just recently come around to embracing her body.

“My confidence has grown as I’ve gotten older and matured more,” Halle says. “I’m more comfortable with wearing more form-fitting things and embracing my curves now. My body type has always been a bit more straight-lined, I guess, and I’ve always wished I’d had more boobs and more butt, but I’m starting to embrace all the things that make me, me.”

As part of the “CXH” collection, Victoria’s Secret Pink is donating $100,000 to BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective), which supports mental health education in Black communities.

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