Chris Tucker States He’s ‘Definitely’ Excited for ‘Rush Hour 4’

While we may never see Chris Tucker reprise his role in another Friday movie, he has stated that he is definitely going to reunite with Jackie Chan for Rush Hour 4.

In a recent interview with V-103’s Big Tigger Morning Show, the standup comedian reassured the audience that he would return to the big screen in the long-awaited and anticipated sequel to Rush Hour. According to Variety, at the Red Sea International Film Festival last year, Chan stated that there would be a Rush Hour 4, and it’s officially in development. Chan said, “We’re talking about Rush Hour 4 right now.”

Tucker will be in Ben Affleck’s latest project, Air, and the comedian is doing press about his role in the film. While speaking to Tigger, he told him that he was “ready to work.”

“You’re going to see a lot of good stuff coming, but it’s going to be on a whole nother level,” Tucker said. “That’s what I like… I’m excited about that. It’s not going to be what you normally see.

“Now Rush Hour 4, that’s something I definitely will probably drop in there because I love working with Jackie, but I’ve got some new stuff that I think you’re really gonna like. I’m excited about it.”

Tigger asked Tucker if he gets tired of people asking him if he will do another Friday movie. Sounding like he would, but also some skepticism creeps into his voice as he states that he loves the fact that people want to see another one with him in it.

Even though he didn’t appear in the two sequels that followed the original one, he stated that “if it’s possible if it comes together, right, I would try to do it, but I don’t know if it would be…. I’m a perfectionist, I’m sorry if it ain’t gonna be great” then he doesn’t want to be involved in it.