Christianna Hurt Is Providing Financial Freedom For College Students With Her E-Commerce Platform WealthyCollege Kid

Christianna Hurt Is Providing Financial Freedom For College Students With Her E-Commerce Platform WealthyCollege Kid

Freedom, Choice, and Success.

These words stand out to 27-year-old Founder and CEO of WealthyCollegeKid, Christianna Hurt. Her program is dedicated to teaching college students and aspiring entrepreneurs how to navigate the world of e-commerce successfully.

“Like a lot of people, you know, you come out of college, or you come out of high school, and you make these [life] choices and now you don’t even have that opportunity [anymore], so you have to take that different route. So I created that education platform because, at the end of the day, we want a skill set that will produce income, and you want to plan to profit over time,” says Hurt. 

Created in 2018, the program was initially a dream birthed in desperation and survival. After graduating from the University Of Central Florida, working two jobs as a bartender and overnight as a nanny, and living with her now ex-boyfriend, Hurt struggled to make ends meet.

“I tell people all the time, I built my business out of survival, like pure survival, pure desperation. It was a horrible experience, horrible. I was very, very blessed to make six figures as quickly as I did. But I tell people all the time I was an anomaly. I was truly an anomaly. Have I been able to duplicate my success? Yes, but you know, [in a] way healthier way. Like, you know what I mean? Like, rather than telling people, you know, like, hey, avoid my mistakes, I tell people to avoid that struggle altogether,” Hurt said. 

Making a Pivot to Create a Path For Success

One day she decided to make a risky choice that would change the trajectory of her journey forever. She decided to become an affiliate marketer. “So I was going to school and nannying and working as a server. I stumbled into e-commerce because the boy that I was with, like, he was making money.

It was just toxic and bad. So the rent was on me. So I had to figure out what exactly this guy was doing to make money and how can I apply it to what I’m doing. I started selling fishing pole pens, and then makeup made me my first six-figure month, like my first six figures in revenue, but again, like I’m 21, so I was doing Facebook ads, I got a $5,000 credit card Chase free. I’ll never forget I got a Chase Freedom credit card of five grand; I dumped all the money on Facebook ads, which is stupid and risky. But it made me like 83 grand,” Hurt shared. 

After mastering the strategy, she was inspired to develop a step-by-step playbook for spirited entrepreneurs who desire to build an online business, helping them to win financially and do it their way.

“So I created wealthy college kid, which was an e-commerce education platform for people to enroll to earn and learn how to properly sell online, like how to properly like launch this business, because everybody you know, tells you to start a business, but like, they don’t tell you what happens when you start making money. Like, people focus so much on the things you have to do before you’re making money, And nobody talks to you about what happens when the sales really start coming in. We have this memorized idea of [when] entrepreneurs should start a business. [However,] they’re not ready,” Hurt said. 

Currently, the e-commerce platform serves over 50,000 students enrolled in digital courses and over 1,000 reviews of student success from her brand. She also created a children’s clothing brand in honor of her tragic miscarriage in 2018, and she is now the owner of Fantasy Candles.