Ciara and Russell Wilson Launch Retail Empire Merging Fashion with Philanthropy

Ciara and Russell Wilson Launch Retail Empire Merging Fashion with Philanthropy

Previously, BLACK ENTERPRISE reported on Ciara and Russell Wilson building their business empire with their charter school and fragrance collection. Now, the couple is coming together to launch their own retail company combining the realms of fashion and philanthropy.

The couple recently unveiled the House of LR&C, an innovative retail concept focused on giving back to the community through multiple labels that support sustainability in manufacturing. Their first label under the retail brand, Human Nation, focuses on the ethically-conscious consumer with its streetwear line. The company has pledged to donate 3% of their sales to Wilson’s Why Not You Foundation aimed at supporting initiatives in children’s health, education and fighting systemic poverty.

“It’s really about how we can take sports, fashion, music, and democratize them to create opportunities for the next generation,” shared Wilson in an interview with Vogue. “We didn’t want this to be just fast fashion. We’re building on these core principles, the idea that behind this house, there is love, respect, and care. Each brand will have its own identity, but with that same [focus] on giving back.” Ciara shared a word about taking the opportunity to combine their interests for this new, exciting project.

“This process has continually inspired me. We have a tremendous opportunity to impact with The House of LR&C, and that keeps me motivated,” she said. “We wanted to do it right. There are a lot of technical things that go into the backend of this process. That’s where Christine and her knowledge has been extraordinarily helpful. She’s informing us and essentially empowering us as business owners.

The entertainer also added how the pandemic played a role in shaping their collection, and focusing on comfortable fits that can be worn around the house.

“We wanted to prioritize comfort right now as we’re all in our houses during this COVID era,” said Ciara. “The cool thing is you can wear Human Nation while you’re at home and then take it into the streets during your daily walk—having that flexibility was important to us.”



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