Clipse, Pusha T, No Malice

Still Grindin’! Clipse Releasing First Album In 15 Years

Their latest song, 'Birds Don't Sing' confirms that Pusha T and his brother, No Malice, are releasing a full album soon.

It looks like the Thornton brothers, Gene (No Malice) and Terrence (Pusha T), will be “Grindin” again as they reveal there is an upcoming Clipse album brewing.

The news was unveiled during an interview with Vulture after their latest song, “Birds Don’t Sing,” featuring crooner John Legend, debuted during this year’s Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Fashion Show. The brothers haven’t released a recording together since 2009. A social media post revealed that they played several songs from their upcoming project in Paris, even mentioning a feature song with Nas. Pusha T forwarded the message and added that there are other features on the album as well.

Although Pusha T has been quite a busy artist over the past several years, his brother, No Malice, found religion. Although he recorded several albums, his Christian views prevented him from spitting the type of lyrics we have come to know from the duo. Now, the two are back. Their last album, “Til the Casket Drops,” was released in 2009, and now, No Malice has stated, “Everything is ordained and coming at the right time.”

For those who did not know, the Thorntons’ father was a deacon, and No Malice stated he received a blessing from him on his return to Clipse.

“My dad was instrumental in my decision-making,” No Malice reveals. “I asked him what he thought about me rapping again, and he said, ‘You still have to make a living. You still have to take care of your family. I understand where you’re coming from, but I think you’ve been too hard on yourself.’ And that meant so much to me because over the years, the Clipse years, our family really went through a lot. For him to give me his blessing, him being a deacon in the church and loving God, I had to open my eyes and reevaluate.”

Pusha T promises they will have “a rap album of the year, along with touring and public appearances.”

“I think the album shows the supreme maturation of a rap duo,” Pusha T said. “I think this is where you get the difference between taste and filler. This music is curated. This is a high-taste-level piece of work. You can only have that level of taste when you have the fundamentals down to a science. I think it’s been definitely missing. Then there’s the competitive aspect.”

He also adds that, just like their debut album, “Lord Willin,” the project was completely produced by Pharrell Williams.

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