African American owned winning franchise concepts

Franchise Profile: Sean and Shannon Verdun Become A Small Business Success Story

(Image: Sean Verdun)

“We wanted to be part of a winning team like that. We asked a lot of questions because we wanted to make sure we were properly trained to be able to provide a service like this to the masses.”

Finally, they took the step and the rest as they say is history. “Corporate delivered. The training was incredible, the support was incredible, the IT staff is world class, the admin department also world class,” Verdun says. “It would have been so much more difficult to do anything like this without the support of the Colbert Ball training team.”

Another attractive feature of the franchise is a low cost system that allows owners to be successful early. All of the franchise fees, rent, equipment and furniture, and the requisite software amount to $30, 000. One simply maps out a location and sends it in to Colbert Ball’s real estate unit to review.

Verdun says what makes them more attractive than the H&R Blocks, Jackson Hewitts, and Liberty Tax offices operating in their area is their relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, a warm friendly staff, and the work they do within the community.

“In the rare event that any of our clients are audited, we accompany them to the audit and do all we can to provide the auditors with the information they need. Never once will a client of ours ever feel like they’re on their own,” Verdun says.

They also do a lot of pro bono work in the community. He says they always take time to explain tax laws to clients to better educate them about the different kinds of credit. The message is simple. Teaching them proper bookkeeping techniques today helps them plan for tomorrow.

Franchise fees usually run up about $15,000 a year, with some additional support fees. Each contract runs five years, but the Verduns, who are in their seventh year, re-upped in 2012.

Their advice to franchise concept hunters: “Take a hard look at Colbert Ball. Educate yourself and always ask the tough questions. Do your due diligence and it’ll pay off. Colbert Ball is a solid answer for people that are willing to learn, study, and understand that in order to be successful at this you must always remember you are providing a service.”

They should know. The Verduns are generating more than $350,000. Their goal is to net more than a $1,000,000 in three years.

“We took a leap of faith and made an informed, educated decision. We were blessed.”