Colin Kaepernick Donates 4,500 Impossible Patties to Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Colin Kaepernick Donates 4,500 Impossible Patties to Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

The global COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an economic downfall and led to record-breaking unemployment rates. To help aid families struggling to get by, Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp teamed up with ABC7 Los Angeles to help underrepresented communities in Los Angeles fight hunger. On Friday, the former NFL player announced that his organization donated 4,500 frozen Impossible patties, plant-based meat, to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

Over 100 cases of the alternative meat patties were delivered to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which will distribute the patties to three other food banks throughout Southern California. The majority of donated food is allocated to those in low-income areas, while approximately one-quarter of the food will be donated to children. The donation is part of the Know Your Rights Camp partnership with Impossible Foods, which launched last month with the goal of feeding 1 million people.

“Since our announcement of teaming up with Impossible Foods earlier this month, we continue to work toward our goal of helping to feed 1 million people together,” said Patricia Robinson, the Know Your Rights Camp Community Outreach director and executive radio veteran, in a statement. “We are excited for this most recent collaboration with ABC7/KABC-TV Los Angeles. Know Your Rights Camp is happy to help provide relief and continue the fight against food insecurity to our most vulnerable communities in Southern California,” she added.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, “the Southern California regional food banks have increased food distribution by more than 70%, reaching over 200,000 people every week,” reads a news release.

“We have a history of supporting the local food banks, this is part of our mission in the communities we serve,” said Cheryl Fair, president and general manager of KABC-TV Los Angeles. “This year, the need is significantly greater; we are seeing more people experiencing food insecurity due to the pandemic. That is why we are grateful to Colin Kaepernick and the Know Your Rights Camp, who share the same goal to reduce food insecurities and stepped up with a donation of carefully selected food that is a healthy alternative for communities who simply do not have access.”

Kaepernick co-founded Know Your Rights Camp in 2016 in order to empower communities of color through education, mobilization, and leadership training.