Commitment: Are You Doing What It Takes to Succeed in Your Career?

Commitment: Are You Doing What It Takes to Succeed in Your Career?

The single most important factor in achieving any measure of sustainable success is commitment. There is no substitute, and no short-cut around it. A contract without commitment is just words on a piece of paper. Without commitment, an athlete with all of the potential in the world never becomes a champion. There is no such thing as an uncommitted leader. There is no such thing as an uncommitted achievement. And there can be no such thing as long-lasting success in your career without commitment.

You see, mediocrity and commitment cannot co-exist. It is an all-or-nothing-take-it-or-leave-it deal. You are either committed or you are not. More importantly, commitment is not reflected in what you say, it is manifested in what you do. It is more than a promise, a pledge, or a vow of assurance. Commitment is simple. Commitment is consistent. Commitment is reliable. Commitment is action.

In fact, commitment is the catalyst for all action. If you pledge yourself to a certain goal or specific purpose, then you act in alignment with that pledge by fulfilling your promise — that is, if your commitment is sincere. Commitment distinguishes what we want versus what we intend. I have said before that wanting will never get you anywhere. We all want to be successful, including your competition. Wanting success is not enough.

To W.A.N.T. is to Wait And Nothing Transpires.

When I ran a sports branding firm, I received résumé after résumé from college students, graduates from business schools, and graduating law school students who wanted a job in professional sports. If someone sends me a résumé and never follows up, I assume that they are not all that committed. What else am I supposed to assume?  I could be wrong, but that person has not given me a reason to think otherwise. I, like most employers, will not hire a person who is not committed, so I won’t waste my time following up with that person — not when I have others who will consistently check-in, follow-up, and express their interest. Commitment is a great way to distinguish yourself in today’s flooded marketplace.

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