CommunityX Announces $2 Million Seed Round Led By Fearless Fund

CommunityX Announces $2 Million Seed Round Led By Fearless Fund

COMMUNITYx, the #1 fastest-growing, black and brown women led, and community-centered app that connects everyday people around the world to take actionable steps on causes they are passionate about, announced today a $2 million seed round and the upcoming launch of their web and mobile-based platform. The round was led by venture capital firm Fearless Fund, with participating firms Goodwater Capital, Techstars, strategic partner Attorney Ben Crump and leading influencers Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition, Baron Davis, Matt Barnes and more. COMMUNITYx puts the power of making change in the palm of people’s hands through its cause-based community-building feature and call-to-action tech toolkit which includes petitions, events, and fundraisers. Additionally, this launch extends to corporate and philanthropic partners enabling them to build digital advocacy campaigns, speed up mobilization efforts and generate impact report analysis for their target audience.

“We are excited to open our seed round for this groundbreaking digital hub for activism which will unite like-minded people around the world to take action on the most pressing issues of our time,” said COMMUNITYx CEO and Founder Chloe Cheyenne. “The investment from our partners reinforces our mission to democratize the social media landscape and accelerates our growth plans. We are thrilled to launch this new platform for global change that will make it accessible for anyone to take action on any cause from anywhere in the world at the pulse of their fingertips.

Some of the leading cause categories included as part of the launch are racial justice, climate change, LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s rights, health and human rights issues, civic engagement, education and policy reform. Individuals will feel the intentional level of inclusivity designed by the platform and empowered to exercise their voice, take action while enhancing the wellbeing of others. This level of advocacy will bridge the gap in mobilization efforts and help solve social inequalities experienced by many across the world.

“COMMUNITYx has created an outlet for direct change during times of uncertainty and we are thrilled to be partnering with them for this investment. Fearless Fund is dedicated to supporting businesses like COMMUNITYx as they are trailblazers in their field continuing to enhance the awareness and involvement of the social issues that surround us today. The proof of their activism shows through their most recent work with Justice 4 Tyre, a campaign housed on their site that raised over $1.2M for Tyre Nichols’ mother, worked with local Memphis activists to help mobilize over 500,000 people to take action on Justice4Tyre, gained thousands of petition signatures, and worked with local activists to achieve initial demands in Tyre’s case. The work that they are doing is beyond necessary, and we are honored to be able to support them in all of the great work that they will continue to do” says Arian Simone, Co-Founder of the Fearless Fund.

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