Companies Are Funding Travel Costs for Employees Seeking Abortion Care

Abortion reimbursement policies are helping attract new employees but isolates current workers, particularly men.

The Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade, which revoked the right to an abortion, has led companies to fund travel costs for employees seeking an abortion. Abortions have been banned in 15 states while others have incorporated partial abortion bans. According to Forbes, companies such as Apple, Amazon, Citigroup, Disney, Starbucks, Target, and Tesla will reimburse travel fees for employees seeking abortion care in states that have instituted the ban

Research comparing companies that offer travel reimbursement policies and those that do not found that offering reproductive benefits is a positive for the company. 

After analyzing job postings on Indeed.com, researchers found an approximate increase of 8% in interest for jobs covering costs for abortion access, particularly ones that typically cater to female employees. 

Research on LeanIn.org revealed women under 40, despite their political association, want to work for or would consider switching to companies that fund abortion access. 

There has been pushback from employees that occupy male-dominated positions. Glassdoor company ratings on senior management and culture have taken a hit. These company reviews may only reflect a small number of workers. The authors of the study said, “There could be a vocal minority of workers who are angered by these announcements while the ‘silent majority’ of existing employees do not change their opinions.” 

Those not in favor of the abortion financial coverage policies have been actively fighting against companies that offer the funding. Logan Green, CEO of Lyft, tweeted the company would cover costs for travel to obtain abortion care if it exceeds 100 miles. He was quickly threatened by Texas legislators who said “swift and decisive” actions would be taken if this policy were enacted. 

Emily Nix, a professor of finance and business economics at the University of Southern California and an author of the study, said there is a financial benefit for companies that enact the abortion travel cost policies. However, she warns that companies that have a greater male workforce or a conservative affiliation, would not likely benefit. 

Companies with female CEOs, or a large female workforce, and those that donate to Democratic parties or have more employees associated with the Democratic Party are more likely to offer abortion benefits.