6 Things to Know Before Changing Careers

Contemplating A Career Change? 6 Things You Should Consider

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Things may feel like they are going nowhere fast. You’re in a career rut and desperate to dig yourself out of it. Your current position is no longer fulfilling financially or mentally, and you know deep down it’s time to go. Anything seems better than this but don’t jump ship too fast. Brazen Careerist lists some things you should consider before deciding to change your career.

Am I taking a good job or just running away from a bad one?

Many workers who felt stuck in less-than-enjoyable jobs during the downturn are now exploring their options. Some are heading for exits the first chance they get without much reflection.

Big mistake. To make an informed decision, you need to know what appeals to you about the new opportunity–not just what you don’t like about your current company.

Take a long, hard look at your motives before you leap. If you primarily view the new job as a lifeboat that will enable you to escape the one you hold now, you might want to keep searching. In short, don’t settle. The goal should be to find a role you’re truly excited about.

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