Dr. Cornel West Backs Black Entrepreneur Who Alleges DOJ Covering Up Theft of Her Firm’s Multi-Million Dollar Contract

*Originally Reported By Blacknews.com

Nationwide — It is telling that Presidential Candidate Dr. Cornel West, The MPM Group (MPM) independent investigative firm, and Simon Passante, LLC law firm have all been able to discern in short order what the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has not been able to uncover in 23 years, states Jerroll M. Sanders. Sanders is President and CEO of the Black, female-owned business featured in the award-winning documentary on YouTube titled My Empty Chair: The Jerroll Sanders Story.  In her film, Sanders alleges that DOJ’s top officials are refusing to acknowledge clear and convincing evidence proving that Democratic presidential appointees terminated her firm’s mega contract and passed it to their non-minority associate who has reaped millions from Sanders’ work.

“Everyone who has reviewed my evidentiary binder finds DOJ’s claim that insufficient predication exists to show that Treasury appointees and other officials violated federal law inexplicable,” states Sanders. She says MPM’s investigators and court-adjudicated experts in federal contracting embarked upon a seven-month independent investigation after reviewing the same documentation she provided to DOJ.

According to Sanders, MPM discovered what DOJ—the most powerful investigative agency in the world—claims it did not. Sanders says the nine-page report MPM directed to the Assistant U.S. Attorney General states that “Based on the facts and circumstances set forth herein, one comes to the unavoidable conclusion that various senior management personnel at IRS and Treasury knowingly breached a legally awarded services contract with a well-established and recognized minority firm and then gave that extremely lucrative contract to a newly-formed, well-connected non-minority firm that had no physical office location, no employee base, no financial base, and no prior federal/state contract credibility (not a single prior federal or state contract as a reference). The obvious questions emerge: How is it that only TWC questioned these events and why has the government turned a blind eye?”

A letter from a representative of Simon Passante, LLC law firm also calls into question DOJ’s claims that it found no improprieties on the part of federal officials who stole Sanders’ contract and destroyed the firm she labored a decade to build. Passante’s letter states, “I’ve reviewed the notebook you sent me entitled Request for Investigation: IRS Notice Redesign. I will not be able to represent you, or to produce any report or analysis, on the matter discussed therein. This is not because I believe you were treated fairly. The evidence you include, and the manner in which it is presented, make it clear to me that you do your job with great skill, and that if you were removed from a job, there certainly were other considerations besides the quality of your work. That said, this is an issue our office is not equipped to handle.”

Sanders says noted scholar and current Presidential Candidate Dr. Cornel West also concluded her claims had merit. Sanders reveals that  Dr. West rendered to her the ultimate grant of his authority in a message that said, “I support your efforts – Please use my name any way you wish.” Sanders adds that West concluded his message by urging her to “Stay strong!”

Sanders says she is asking the public to help by using the Contact Form on DOJ’s website to send Attorney General Merrick Garland the following message: “Dear AG Garland—Please appoint a Special Counsel to investigate allegations made by Jerroll Sanders pertaining to the IRS Notice Redesign Contract.” Sanders says she is also asking citizens to send President Biden a message via the White House website asking him to endorse Sanders’ call for an investigation by special counsel.

Finally, Sanders says she is asking citizens to contact Michigan Senator Gary Peters via his website to request that he, in his role as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, use his broad oversight powers to launch an investigation into Sanders’ contract and federal contracting operations in general. Sanders says an investigation will help reveal tactics federal officials are using to pillage and destroy Black contractors.

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