Campaign donation, Cornel West, Harlan Crow

Presidential Candidate Cornel West Receives Huge Donation From GOP Donor Harlan Crow

Fundraising reports from independent presidential candidate Cornel West show he received a max donation from GOP donor Harlan Crow, NBC News reports. 

Crow, surrounded by controversy involving Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, gave West a $3,300 donation in August 2023, just a few weeks before West switched from the Green Party to the Independent Party. The GOP megadonor called the Ivy League professor “a good friend.”

The self-proclaimed “non-Marxist socialist” dodged questions about whether his campaign would consider support from President Joe Biden after calling the political two-party system an “impediment for the flower of American democracy” during an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press NOW.” “The vast number of voters who would vote for the Green Party and myself either would not vote at all, or would never, ever, ever vote for Biden or Trump,” West said.

“There’s this narrative, I think it’s a false narrative, thinking somehow they’re choosing between Biden and myself. No, not really, they’ve given up on Biden.”

West first announced his presidential bid in June 2023 under the “The People’s Party,” but shortly after, he joined the Green Party, claiming to have better ballot access. Being critical of both Democratic and Republican parties, West said he ran Green because “neither party is speaking to the pressing needs of poor and working people,” the outlet reports.

According to recent polls, Biden is coming close to former President Donald Trump, raising concerns about third-party candidates making their way to the Oval Office. Close to 15% of registered voters admitted to being open to voting for a third party or independent candidate if the choice was provided. Now, as an independent candidate, West hopes to provide change for potential voters. “People are hungry for change,” he said in a video posted to X.

“I’m running as an Independent candidate for President of the United States to end the iron grip of the ruling class and ensure true democracy!”

Crow, who reportedly gave lavish gifts and trips to Justice Thomas, seems generous with his donations. According to the Daily Beast, the megadonor gave funds to GOP candidate Chris Christie in quarter three of 2023. The campaigns of fellow candidates Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis were also provided donations.