Courtney Adeleye Partners with MAV Beauty Brands and Launches a $30 Million Fund to Support Black Women

On Wednesday, Courtney Adeleye, founder and CEO of The Mane Choice, announced a major partnership with MAV Beauty Brands. MAV Beauty Brands is a global personal care company dedicated to nurturing and growing founder-focused brands.

In turn, The Mane Choice will be able to expand across North America making the company a global brand. Adeleye is passionate about uplifting and educating other women as they pursue entrepreneurship and create wealth. With aligned values, Adeleye decided to partner with MAV Beauty Brands to make her dreams of supporting black women in building generational wealth with The Generational Advantage Fund.

“I made this move to expand the company’s reach and ultimately create more opportunities for my community, so they can get on a path to creating advantage and wealth,” said Adeleye in a joint press release by The Mane Choice and MAV Beauty Brands.

Adeleye has put her money where her heart is and she is personally committed to contributing $30 million to the fund. The Generational Advantage Fund will focus on financial literacy, creating access to capital for entrepreneurs, mentorship, housing, as well as resources and support.

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In an Instagram post, Adeleye shared her excitement about the partnership and fund with her 328,000 followers and the world.



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A $30 million dollar contribution from me to you! Over the past 6 years, my team and I have had the privilege of creating healthy hair products for customers around the world. As your support for @themanechoice grew, our reach and community outreach did, too. I’ve always been passionate about finding opportunities to give back and meet the needs of my community. My sisters and I were raised by a single mom in Detroit, Michigan, so I especially wanted to help women in a way that would have an impact not just today, but for generations to come. And even after countless giveaways, I knew there was still much more to be done. I’ve been searching for ways to expand my reach to impact even more lives, and it was super important for me to find the perfect partner to continue and expand on the work I’ve already started in the community. Today I’m excited to announce that I have made the strategic decision to partner with MAV Beauty Brands. With this expansion and being part of a publicly traded company comes limitless opportunities, the first of which includes the launch of The Generational Advantage Fund, where I am personally committing $30 million dollars focused on providing financial literacy programs to communities in need, fueling them with tools to succeed from generation to generation. This new fund will help to formally provide women with access to financial literacy, capital, resources and support, mentorship, scholarships, and housing. The Generational Advantage Fund is designed to bridge the wealth gap for women now and for generations to come by not just alleviating an immediate need but providing resources to build generational wealth. Follow @generationaladvantagefund and stay tuned for more information on how to get involved in this new venture. This is much more than a partnership! I am taking my expertise and knowledge to a whole NEW level! I’m excited for the future and look forward to building generational wealth together! Love #CourtneyAdeleye

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Applications for the fund are set to open in the coming weeks. Women interested in receiving additional information can sign up for The Generational Advantage Fund newsletter.