Create Custom Business Documents From Professionally-Reviewed Templates For $50

Create Custom Business Documents From Professionally-Reviewed Templates For $50

Running your own business is rewarding because you get to be your own boss! It’s fun and exciting, and you’ll get filthy rich while at it! Or so they say. Business ownership is often glamorized by our peers, role models, and even the media. What they don’t warn you about is the hard work, dedication, and piles and piles of paperwork. So many business contracts, legal forms, and employment agreements, yet so little time.

Chances are you aren’t an expert document writer. After all, you’re focused on running a business. That means you have to seek out a legal expert who will draft these documents for you. This can be quite expensive considering the number of documents your business needs to operate. If you’re looking for a modern, tech-driven solution to this age-old problem, look no further than DocPro, which is offering a lifetime subscription and 100 credits for $49.99, or 75% off.

The Solution

DocPro is a legal tech platform with over 1,500 document templates that you can customize to suit your business’s needs. You can search for a wide range of categories including banking and finance, HR and employment, travel and transportation, and much more. Each template is shared by users in DocPro’s community, reviewed by legal professionals, and converted into easy-to-use templates. 

Once you find a template you want to use, you can purchase it and customize its language by inputting information into its fill forms. Purchasing documents requires Prokens or document credits, and each document generally costs 1-3 Prokens depending on their complexity. This deal for Black Enterprise readers comes with 100 Prokens, which should be more than enough to get your business on its feet!

Paperwork is an often-neglected topic when it comes to running a business. With DocPro, creating custom, professional business documents is easy. Sign up for a lifetime subscription today and get 75% off 100 Prokens, bringing the cost down to $49.99.