Cryptocurrency $Guap Coin Created to Support Black Businesses

Cryptocurrency $Guap Coin Created to Support Black Businesses

Entrepreneur Tavonia Evans created the $Guap coin, a token built on Ethereum Blockchain technology. It is a spendable token designed to reward consumers for supporting black-owned businesses and urban institutions. Her goal of creating the coin is to restore and expand “Black Wall Street” larger than it ever was. She believes that $Guap is the start of a revolution for black business.

According to the site, $Guap is set up to fund, support, and circulate among its own merchant network that rewards consumers for supporting community businesses, grassroots organizations, and HBCUs. The network of black-owned businesses plans to accept $Guap initially alongside of fiat currency as a savings token. Customers who make purchases via merchant websites or offline in brick and mortar stores will be able to use $Guap for savings. Offline merchants and event organizers will have access to Beacon technology that automatically rewards patrons with $Guap tokens. $Guap will be the cryptocurrency that gives back, ensuring that not only will consumers save but they will have access to funds to build and thrive.

Tavonia Evans sat down with crypto influencer Lamar Wilson to discuss how she got involved and why this coin is so important to the black community.


LW: How did you get into cryptocurrency?

TE: I’ve been in technology for almost 20 years. I’ve been building websites, developing software, doing data analysis working with enterprise and with the government. I am also the co-founder of another startup. I’ve been in this game for a long time. I’m a certified geek.

LW: What is your purpose behind $Guap coin?

TE: $Guap coin is a movement. It’s a vehicle that will enable us to grow the economic wealth in our community, support our community, support our businesses and not only that we need to be able to record the data that goes on. People are always spitting back our numbers to us. They say we spend trillions of dollars, which we do, but on the flip side the corporations that benefit from that, they use these numbers to marginalize rather than use them to give credit where credit is due. We say, ‘OK, well, let’s capture this data ourselves and leverage it with other companies and corporations.’

Watch the full interview below.

Interview with Tavonia Evans from Guap Coin.

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Posted by Lamar Wilson on Monday, January 15, 2018