D.L. Hughley Calls Out Fox News Anchor For Saying Systemic Racism Doesn’t Exist in Policing

Fox News anchors should be careful with their words because someone will catch them slipping.

That someone in this particular case is comedian D.L. Hughley who hosted The Daily Show and took a deep dive and pointed out something interesting Fox News anchor Sean Hannity said regarding systemic racism, claiming it doesn’t exist in policing, The Huffington Post reported.

“You have got to hear the latest thing they’re talking about when it comes to police shooting Black people,” Hughley said.

He then played a clip of Hannity saying racism doesn’t exist since police shoot white people as well.

“Here’s something that the ladies of The View apparently don’t know, white people do get beaten by the police,” Hannity said. “In fact, far more far more white people are killed by the police.”

The controversial host then pulled up a number, claiming 374 white Americans died in 2022 by the hands of police. He got caught up, ending the segment saying “and there is a small majority of bad cops.”

The King of Comedy couldn’t help but point out Hannity’s oversight.

“He said it! Small majority of bad cops,” Hughley joked as the audience laughed. “Now that is a Freudian slip for your a**.”

Hughley kept the laughs rolling by pointing out that the new statistic would make sense since there are more white people than Blacks.

“That’s like more white people die in NASCAR races than Black people, of course!,” Hughley said. “But Sean is right, the police do need to stop killing white people too. Welcome to the struggle, my brother!”

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