Da Brat And Jesseca Harris-Dupart Are Gifting An IVF Cycle Worth $10K To A Lucky Fan

As Da Brat and her wife, Jesseca Harris-Dupart, prepare for the arrival of their baby boy, the happily married pair are spreading the love in the form of a fully covered IVF cycle.

Brat and Jesseca took to Instagram last week to announce their special giveaway that will bless one lucky recipient with the gift of bringing life into the world courtesy of the same fertility clinic that helped them conceive.

“We are the Harris-Duparts, and we’ve been busy working all day, but we just wanted to sit down and let y’all know something really special is happening on April 28, and we’re excited about it,” Brat said while seated alongside her wife.

“I don’t know if y’all know, but we’re expecting baby boy Harris DuPart and he’s in there and he’s coming out really soon and it all came to fruition through Hope Fertility.”


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After giving a special shoutout to some of the staff at Hope Fertility, Da Brat explained how the amazing treatment she received inspired her and Jesseca to help another family experience the same.

“Because of them, we’re at this point, and we didn’t give up hope, literally,” the “Funkdafied” rapper continued. “So we just want to tell you guys about something special that we’re doing on April 28.”

The couple, who recently celebrated their gender reveal, plan to go live from the fertility clinic and announce the lucky recipient of their free IVF cycle worth over $10,000.

“We’re super excited that we are collaborating with Hope Fertility,” Jesseca said.

“We are giving away a grant for a free IVF cycle, worth over $10,000, so somebody can experience the hope that we got to experience… no pun intended.”

The announcement comes two months after the couple graced the cover of People magazine with their gangster-inspired maternity shoot. Da Brat opened up about her joy with being pregnant after a lifetime of believing it wasn’t in the cards for her.

Fans can follow Da Brat and Jesseca’s pregnancy journey on season 3 of Brat Loves Judy” premiering April 27 on WeTV.