Da Brat Calls Out ‘Ungrateful’ Bow Wow for Blasting Jermaine Dupri’s ‘106th & Park’ Claims

Da Brat and Bow Wow are locked in a social media feud over Bow Wow’s shady remarks about So So Def founder Jermaine “JD” Dupri.

The drama ignited over the weekend after JD sat down for an interview on The Goats And Underdogs podcast and claimed to have been the original creator of BET’s famed 106th & Park as a way to build a platform to amplify Black artists.

The hip-hop mogul claimed he created the concept for 106th & Park to help propel the career of his budding artist at the time, Bow Wow.

“106 & Park was created by me. I created the show for Bow Wow,” JD said.

“I was watching MTV and MTV had TRL. And they was catering to N’Sync, they was catering to the Backstreet Boys,” he also stated. “Anything white that was coming out that was Pop, they was allowing these kids to scream and holler. I’m like, ‘Yo, we don’t have nothin’ for Black people. Like, where’s the Black kids that love music. Why don’t they have a show like this?’”

Once Bow Wow caught wind of JD’s claims, he took to Twitter to shade his former mentor and credit the formation of 106th & Park to others.

“JD aint create 106&Park stop the cap,” Bow Wow tweeted.

“Stephen hill Rick Ghrimes & all the great people in the BET OFFICE & staff created that show. All i did was capitalize off of what they created and made it mine. I would know…. I am mr 106! I would never take away from someones creativity.”

After publicly shading JD, fellow So So Def artist Da Brat entered the chat and took to her Instagram Story to blast Bow Wow for being “ungrateful” to the man who helped launch his career.

“@shadmoss You really on some BULLSH*T RIGHT NOW. Now u KNOW I got ALL da receipts and know the WHOLE stories to ALOT ALOT! Don’t do this,” Da Brat wrote in a post captured by That Grape Juice.

“Respect a legend. Respect a cultural icon. Respect the person who made your career what it is. I’m asking you now to please stop. I’m sorry @jermainedupri I cannot be silent about this shit any longer.”

Brat went on to tell Bow Wow to “pull up” for discrediting the same man who “nurtured” his career for decades.

“Man wtf? I really don’t have time or patience for this sh*t but I got BOTH TODAY. Bow what I can’t letchu do is discredit my big brother JD who u called your dad for so many years cuz that is pretty much the role you gave him. And instead of saying ‘hell no,’ he rocked with it,” Brat continued.

“You are being so rude and disrespectful to the person who believed in you, nurtured you, made you a complete star, wrote all yo hits, accepted the challenge when Snoop brought you to him. He has never done ANYTHING to you, but help. I ain’t finna letchu drag the most nonconfrontational person who loved, cared for u and spoiled yo ass for years. He isn’t and never would discredit BET execs. He discussed creating 106 b4 it was created so Black people could have our own TRL. NO CAP! If this whatchu wanna do…LETS F*CKIN GO! Pull Up lil N*gga witcho disrespectful ass. So ungrateful.”

On Monday, Bow Wow followed up with two additional tweets adding clarity and doubling down on his claims.

“We live in a weird time when telling the truth is being rude. Or keeping it a buck is disrespectful…. You cant be serious,” he wrote, before adding: “I aint even do nothing i said it was a lie. Stephen hill even came out and said it was a lie. Hahaha how is that rude? Now lying and taking credit is cool? Come on bro.”

For Bow Wow’s part, Stephen Hill did leave a comment online denouncing JD’s claims saying it was an “overstep” to claim he created the show, TMZ reports.