Damar Hamlin Jersey Highest Purchased on Fanatics Out of All Athletes, Across All Sports Teams

The sports world has banned together in support of injured NFL player Damar Hamlin.

Following the recent on-field incident with the Buffalo Bills safety during a Monday Night Football game where he suffered cardiac arrest, the athlete’s NFL jersey has reportedly become the highest-demanded jersey on the e-commerce site, Fanatics.

According to a Fanatics spokesperson, Hamlin’s No. 3 jersey has ranked as the most-purchased jersey out of all athletes across all sports teams on the platform since last Monday’s game.

“Fans are showing an incredible outpouring of love and support for Damar Hamlin in buying his jersey,” Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin wrote in a tweet on Jan. 3.

ESPN reported that Rubin is seeking all Fanatics profits to go toward support for Hamlin, while the NFL and NFLPA have committed to contribute their royalties.

“We immediately reached out to the NFL and NFL Players Association and said, ‘Hey, each of us should contribute all of the profits,’” Rubin said.

Reportedly, the collection totaled over $400,000 by last Friday. Fanatics was asked to produce 150 T-shirts that say “Love for Damar” for every home team to distribute to the visiting team for players to wear in support of Hamlin during Sunday’s pregame warmups.

Along with a mass of fans, NFL players from other teams have shown their support by purchasing Hamlin’s jersey.

New York Giants cornerback Sauce Gardner recently requested the jersey.

Rubin responded to Gardner’s request for a Hamlin jersey to wear for pregame, promising to get him the item in time for Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins.,

“I’m going to wear it to the game,” Gardner told ESPN. “I might warm up in it, too.”

As previously reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE, the Buffalo Bills organization sent out a tweet confirming that Hamlin has shown remarkable improvement and neurological stability since his field collapse.