Dangerous Deferment: Are You Running From Your Goals?

Dangerous Deferment: Are You Running From Your Goals?

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Fear can be a major issue that many people deal with on a daily basis, from the most confident, high achiever to the office shrinking violet. One thing fear can definitely hinder is progression and ultimate career advancement. Oftentimes, people want to progress and excel, but fear making that next step, whether it’s pushing for that promotion, positioning themselves for better opportunities, or making a radical move toward their purpose.

Procrastination, comfort and stagnation are all by-products of fear, and many workers could be running from their goals because of it.

Madame Noire explores why people often fear greatness and run from their goals, and give tips on how to overcome those feelings of “Should’ve … could’ve … would’ve.”

Check the expiration date on your dream: On any given night, you might catch me sucked into the vortex that is Youtube catching up on the latest choreography.  In fact just the other night I was rating routines made to Beyonce’s “Dance for You” (of which the original I must admit is damn hard to top). My latest obsession, Dance Moms: Miami has me revisiting adolescent dreams of being a professional hip hop dancer, Fatima Robinson-style.  But the talented tiny dancers on that show make me realize one thing more and more each episode:  You can’t just wake up at 20 years old and decide you want to be a professional dancer.  Certain dreams require cultivation and training over a span of several years.  You could treat expiration dates like some people and use them simply as a guide (after all Jay-Z released Reasonable Doubt at 27).  But some careers have a short lifespan and if you haven’t met certain marks by a certain age, your dream may no longer be within reach.  Be realistic, if you’re 30 and considering trying out for America’s Next Top Model, you may want to catwalk to a career change.

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