Join Today’s International Day of Purpose – Here’s What To Do

Join Today’s International Day of Purpose – Here’s What To Do

On June 20, the first ever International Day of Purpose will take place in cities across the country.

Created by Jovian Zayne, the OnPurpose Movement aims to inspire people to celebrate and activate the power of purpose and promotes a lifestyle that is:

  • Filled with the exploration of one’s inherent purpose.
  • Activated with daily decision-making that is driven by the motivation to serve one’s purpose.
  • Consistent and intentional in the attempt to live out your purpose and serve the world with your unique gifts and perspectives.

Within a short time-frame, Zayne has already garnered support from an impressive roster of International Day of Purpose Partners, including The White House, Janelle Monáe and Wondaland Records, YWCA of NYC, and MyIntent.

When Jovian Zayne was in her early 20’s, she experienced the all too familiar “quarter life-crisis,” finding herself overwhelmed with disappointment surrounding her then lackluster career and meaningless extracurricular activities.

“I was desperate to find a connection to my ‘WHY,'” said Zayne. “But thankfully, a feeling deep inside of me–a feeling I would only attribute to something we all have, an intrinsic sense of self-worth and purpose–started to gnaw at me to do more. That feeling told me it was time to stop living by default, and start living on purpose. Thanks to the masterful help of my mentors and supportive family and friends, I began to take my life more seriously. They reminded me of the moments when I was my best; the moments when I had demonstrated great skill and the times when I experienced the most joy.”

“They coached me back to my best by providing me access to tools like Strengths Finder or giving me books to read like The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and the incredible, devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young,” she continued. “I also used self-reflection activities, like 360 reviews and a journal companion, to find my way. These tools, in addition to many others, helped me rediscover how I could activate my purpose. The International Day of Purpose was born out of a question my firm considers daily, ‘What would happen if everyone in the world was living on purpose?'”

In an effort to encourage people to reflect, engage and share in actions that lead toward a consistent “on purpose” lifestyle,  here’s how you can celebrate:

  1. Download the “Purpose Packet” to guide your personal or group reflection. Use this packet to discover simple ways to awaken your sense of purpose.
  2. Engage with OnPurpose by purchasing OnPurpose apparel.
  3. Sign, save, and share the OnPurpose Pledge.
  4. Join the conversation and tell the world how you’re preparing for the #DayofPurpose.
  5. You can also visit to attend or register for an OnPurpose event, and even customize your own OnPurpose meme!