Weekend Wellness: Your Diet May Be Sabatoging Your Life

Weekend Wellness: Your Diet May Be Sabatoging Your Life

There is more to life than the race to achieve more money or a fancy job title.  And, there is more to living healthfully than what food you ingest or what physical exercises you do.

With today’s busy life— from taking care of home to excelling at the office to finding time for leisure — it can be heard to properly balance it all. And far too many of us spend 100% of our time on only 10% of who we are today, and can be tomorrow.

When it comes to exactly how we spend our time, the numbers reflect some eye-opening truths: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many of us work eight hours per day, commute for at least one hour per day, spend at least two hours eating, watch TV for five hours each day and spend nearly two hours a day using a computer for leisure activity, such as online games, research or social media.

That covers almost 18 hours, which doesn’t even include the multiple hours needed for our evening slumber. Clearly, we spend more time on what we aren’t than we do on who and what we are…and want to be.

For high achievers in particular, there isn’t a problem understanding how to get things done, but rather how to balance it all. So many successful people spend the majority of their time on one area of their life where they excel, but perpetually feel unfulfilled.

With that in mind, this weekend we’re helping high achievers tap into the other 90% of who they are—beyond what they do— and realize greater life balance, joy and fulfillment in kind:

Reverse negative thoughts, and find truth in self.

Other lifestyle decisions, such as those related to marriage, parenting, and friendships, all factor into one’s healthy sense of self. Healthy living requires being true to yourself and being truly present when you’re with loved ones.

It is also a frame of mind. If your thoughts are self-destructive, this negativity will manifest itself in your body through stress, anxiety and other adverse physical conditions, and can undermine your personal and professional relationships with others.

Sheri Riley is founder and chief partnership strategist of GLUE Inc., a premier entertainment consulting and management agency with clients including Converse and CVS Pharmacy. Having a background working with the industry’s top achievers, Riley strives to motivate, teach and inform via her second role as creator of Exponential Living L.L.C., a concept that focuses on creating holistic life balance.