Deion Sanders, Colorado

Deion ‘Coach Prime’ Sanders Praises Kenan Thompson’s SNL Portrayal: ‘It Was Good’

Throughout his playing and coaching career Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders has shown his charismatic. So, Saturday Night Live mainstay Kenan Thompson had plenty of material to capture to portray the energetic football coach in a recent skit.

And, yes, Sanders gave actor a good grade for his performance.

Thompson appeared wearing a white Colorado hoodie and baseball cap and mimicking Sanders while being questioned by fellow SNL player Colin Jost. They also included a clip of when Sanders performed on the show during his football-playing career when he released the record, “Must Be the Money.” The song sampled Secret Weapon’s hit single, “Must Be the Music,” and was released in 1994 on MC Hammer’s label, Bust It Records.

“It was good,” Sanders said, according to the Associated Press. But not quite good enough: Sanders noted his son Shilo does a better impersonation.

“I’m a fan of Kenan, let’s get that straight,” Coach Prime said at his weekly press conference. “I love him. I love what he’s brought to comedy, over what? It gotta be over a couple of decades now, it seems as though,” said Sanders, who noted that he loved hosting SNL in 1995, fresh off his Super Bowl season with the San Francisco 49ers.

Thompson, who first came to attention in the mid-90s as a cast member on Nickelodeon’s skit show, All That, has been a SNL cast member since 2003. Check out his Coach Prime below:

Although the Buffaloes have a winning record of 4-3, its record n PAC-12 (Pacific-12 Conference) play is only 1-3. Despite the so-so record, the team has already surpassed expectations—and last season’s record. Last year, the Buffaloes only recorded one victory against 11 losses and sported a 1-8 record in conference play.

The now-unranked Buffaloes will next face the No. 23 UCLA Bruins which is 5-2.

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