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Dell Curry Finds Love And Happiness After Divorce: ‘Life Is Fantastic’

According to the New York Post, Dell Curry, former NBA shooting guard and father to NBA stars Steph and Seth Curry, relishes his new lease on love and life.

In an extensive interview with The Charlotte Observer on Oct. 18, but which originally ran on Sports Legends of the Carolinas podcast, the patriarch opened up about his post-divorce experiences, his newfound love, and the current state of his family.

Curry reflected on his initial uncertainty but revealed that friends introduced him to his now-wife, Nicki, leading to a flourishing relationship.

“I’d met her a couple of times. We talked on the phone for a month before I laid eyes on her. I’m like: ‘Oh, I like this girl, man. What’s going on here?'” he confessed.

Dell, 59, has been married Nicki for “almost a year” and is thoroughly content with his current life.

“I wasn’t going to get married again. But life is great right now. It couldn’t be better. For me, I’m at a great place in my life. My home situation is sound. My kids and their families are doing great. They’re happy for me. I’m happy for them. So life’s good.”

Dell’s life took a turn with his highly publicized divorce from Sonya Curry, which included allegations of infidelity from both sides. The couple, who tied the knot in 1988, are the parents of Steph, 35, Seth, 33, and daughter Syde, 29.

Sonya filed for divorce from Dell in June 2021. In court documents obtained by TMZ in August 2021, Dell accused Sonya of having an extramarital affair with former NFL player Steven Johnson. Sonya, in turn, accused Dell of infidelity during their marriage.

Despite the divorce, the former couple came together to support Steph, during the Golden State Warriors’ championship run in June 2022. They were seen at TD Garden for Game 4 of the 2022 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, attending the game with their new partners: Sonya with Jackson and Dell with Nicki.