Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc, Rep. Angela Moore

GA State Rep. Angela Moore Claims Delta Sigma Theta Inc. Can’t Find Her Record Because She Pledged Under Different Name

Moore is dedicated to proving her membership after Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. confirmed she "has not ever" been a member of the sorority.

Georgia State Rep. Angela Moore of District 91 is addressing accusations from colleagues regarding her claimed affiliation with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

In an interview with WSBTV, Moore clarified that she pledged under her former married name, and after her divorce, she changed her name, leading to the discrepancy with Delta’s membership records. However, the Divine 9 organization conducted a thorough review and confirmed Moore “is not, and has not ever been” a member of the sorority. As previously mentioned by BLACK ENTERPRISE, the search commenced after a 2021 tweet of Moore resurfaced where she used a Delta sorority border around her photo for Founder’s Day.

Moore also addressed allegations concerning her claimed statuses as a veteran and an OBGYN. She explained, “I am a family veteran. All of my family are veterans. Well, the males are all veterans.” Regarding the OBGYN claim, she stated, “I worked in the field of OBGYN medicine,” but confirmed she is not an OBGYN. Clearing the air about a video appearing to show a physical interaction on the State House floor, Moore said a member hit her ankle before she retaliated with a shove. “I jumped, screamed and took my arm and pushed her back,” the District 91 representative said.

Despite the allegations, Moore asserted, “Whether I’m a Greek, or whether I’m a physician, or whether I’m a veteran has anything (sic) to do with me coming here to the Georgia State Capitol and conducting the people’s business.” According to a campaign page, the Georgia State representative, who recently won the primary race for District 91, promises an “unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability, and open communication.”

On Instagram, Moore thanked voters for their support in returning her to the Georgia House of Representatives. “The underlayment of this contest was divisive and mean-spirited,” she wrote. “I asked God to handle the the negativity, knives, and spit being hurled at me while I stood out of his way, and worked hard to continue to earn your trust.”

She confirmed no intentions of stepping down from her position and stated her dedication to proving her membership with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.