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Dapper Dan Dabbles In Paint In New Partnership With Sherwin-Williams Campaign

Sherwin-Williams is shaking up the paint industry with a revolutionary campaign initiative, spearheaded by renowned Harlem couturier and designer Dapper Dan

Black designers, models, and musicians have shaped global fashion perceptions and trends throughout history. In a groundbreaking move, Sherwin-Williams is shaking up the paint industry with a revolutionary campaign centered around a color often overlooked – the Loneliest Color™. This innovative initiative, spearheaded by renowned Harlem couturier and designer Dapper Dan as Creative Director, aims to redefine perceptions of color and empower individuals to embrace their unique style choices.

In an exclusive interview with the Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, and remarks from Dapper Dan, BLACK ENTERPRISE delved into the inspiration behind this daring venture and its potential impact on designer fashion and home design landscapes.

Unveiling the Loneliest Color™: A Story of Rediscovery

Discussing the genesis of the Loneliest Color™, Wadden reflected on the industry’s tendency to gravitate toward popular trends, leaving countless hues overshadowed. She stated, “People love to learn about color, but oftentimes we get stuck in the most popular and don’t get to talk about many beautiful colors.” 

The campaign, born out of a desire to amplify lesser-known shades, spotlights Kingdom Gold as the inaugural Loneliest Color™. Wadden emphasizes, “It revealed this gorgeous color! It’s a chance to amplify something new people have never seen.”

A Collaboration with Purpose: Dapper Dan as Creative Director

Central to the success of this endeavor is the collaboration with Dapper Dan, whose illustrious career in fashion aligns seamlessly with the campaign’s message. 

Daniel Day, widely known as Dapper Dan, was born in Harlem, New York, in 1944 and changed the face of luxury fashion. Dan’s oversized silhouettes and buzzy monogram creations cemented him as a sought-after tastemaker, creative, and designer.

Wadden affirms, “Dan was the first and only choice for Sherwin-Williams. His story aligned so perfectly with this color.” 

Dan’s creative direction has brought forth a stunning collection of wearable art pieces, underscoring the versatility and beauty of the Loneliest Color™. Wadden said, “His creativity pulls in all of the elements of this color into the ready-to-wear design. It came together so well.”

Beyond Trends: Encouraging Individual Expression

The campaign transcends conventional notions of color trends, urging individuals to paint authentically. Wadden said, “We hope people take risks and show their personality and style.” 

This call for authenticity extends beyond home design, resonating with fashion choices and personal expression. By embracing the Loneliest Color™, individuals can infuse their spaces with character and vitality, reflecting their unique tastes. 

Dan shared, “Something I’ve learned throughout my career is the power of staying true to our individuality and not conforming to what’s agreeable.”

Consumers tend to turn to neutral hues, greys, whites, and blues to preserve a home’s resale value or avoid the loss of a security deposit. This campaign is filled with a heart that encourages painting for you—in whatever shade that might be—unapologetically.

“In design and fashion, every color has the potential to tell a story, change perspectives, and inspire us – it’s about staying present so you can discover or sometimes rediscover beauty in places you may have initially overlooked,” Dan remarked. 

Supporting a Greater Cause: Auctioning Wearable Art for Charity

As part of the campaign, Sherwin-Williams and Dapper Dan are auctioning off exclusive wearable art pieces, with all proceeds benefiting Habitat for Humanity and other charities. 

Wadden explained, “The auction goes live on eBay, and 100% of proceeds go to various charities.” 

This philanthropic endeavor celebrates creativity and contributes to meaningful causes, further amplifying the campaign’s impact beyond fashion and design. 

Dan emphasizes that “as Creative Director of The Loneliest Color, I’m focused on championing the potential of what was once the least popular color to celebrate the magic of what it can become when given a chance in the spotlight.”

Sherwin-Williams’ collaboration with Dapper Dan marks a pivotal moment in color exploration, inviting individuals to paint their worlds with confidence and creativity.

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