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Salon Owner Creates Dictionary To Get Natural Hair Community On The Same Page

Go inside the first-ever dictionary for natural hair.

A Detroit hair salon owner has added representation to the natural haircare space with the release of their first-ever dictionary for natural hair.

Mo Williams, the founder of the Black-owned hair salon in Metro Detroit, Such a Natural, is the author and publisher behind the Natural Hair Dictionary, a groundbreaking new book that precisely defines natural hair and hairstyles. Part of the “Natural Hair Dictionary’s Natural Hair Style List,” the dictionary serves as a reference guide with titles, descriptions, and over 60 original photographs that each offer in-depth definitions of various natural hairstyles.

This new comprehensive resource serves as an invaluable tool in the beauty industry as it culminates more than a decade of Williams’ experience in natural haircare.

“Over the years, so many questions have been asked and people are to date, unclear about natural hair and what natural hairstyles/their titles actually are, due to a myriad of reasons,” Williams told Black News.

“Since some of the best solutions come in the simplest forms, this was a glaringly obvious answer to the problem. Becoming informed allows one the opportunity to delineate and make educated decisions, which can be pivotal.”

Williams has already dedicated an online platform to connecting the natural hair community to their local natural hairstylist. The website serves as a go-to directory, listing natural hair salons and stylists by state and services offered.

As a result, the natural hair community is able to save time and put off frustration when trying to find a natural hairstylist. The online directory offers a quantitative list of natural hair service providers and services they offer (heat-free), based on their city and state.

“Over the years, we’ve heard ‘how hard it is to find natural hair stylists,’ countless times,” the website states. “So we wanted to make it easier. We did the work for you. Compiling a list of natural hairstylist and salons, making this a central hub for the collective to find the services they need.”

Now with the addition of the Natural Hair Dictionary, Williams is expanding the Such a Natural brand in ways that unite and amplify the natural hair community.

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