Darrell Spencer, Kings crowning

Kings Crowning Redefines Haircare For And By Black Men

Kings Crowning, created by Darrell Spencer, is redefining haircare for Black men while also uplifting Black male entrepreneurs.

Kings Crowning is the latest haircare brand that caters to and uplifts the Black community by tailoring its products to an underserved group in the beauty industry. The company is for and by African American men, with Darrell Spencer as the CEO and founder.

A native of Chicago, Spencer has taken his Windy City roots to the hair and beauty industry, emerging as a cultural force in his own right by cultivating these “conscious grooming products” fit for kings. Wanting to remedy a historic and systemic issue found within companies that catered to textured hair, Spencer built Kings Crowning to formulate protective accessories that are truly made with diverse Black men in mind.

While traditional bonnet use is widespread within the Black community, they are ultimately harmful to one’s hair health through friction, causing tangling and breaking. Kings Crowning provides a luxurious feel with growth benefits by incorporating satin to protect Black hair textures and styles, such as locs, braids, or curls. With his flagship product, “The Crown,” Spencer’s company has expanded into satin-lined essentials to ensure one’s hair is safe and nourished with accompanying shampoos, conditioners, and serums.

His innovative product line of satin brimless hats has also evolved how Black men take care of their hair every day, but Spencer’s greater mission also entails building a system of Black male entrepreneurs to uplift as he succeeds. Through his journey, he hopes to empower others with an idea and a plan to conquer these goals and shed new light on Black businessmen.

Spencer, a graduate of Connecticut College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, is changing the hair game with his dedication to providing protection and encouragement to his community,

“Many things can be stopped; one thing that can’t is an educated Black man with a strong support system… I intend to provide both.” 

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