Meet Devin Robinson of Urban Business Lending Group, One of Few Nationally Certified Business Loan Brokers

Entrepreneur Devin Robinson launched Urban Business Lending Group in January of this year, becoming one of the few certified business loan brokers nationally, according to

Since opening its doors, the company disbursed almost $2 million in seed funding for new entrepreneurs, primarily from black communities.

When asked his motivation for getting into the finance business, he said, “I’ve been training and incubating brick-and-mortar businesses since 2009, but many of those entrepreneurs I helped all had a universal challenge. They had difficulty acquiring startup or working capital funding. I felt this move would help close that gap as I aim to become the one-stop resource for entrepreneurs.”

According to its website, Urban Business Lending Group is a certified commercial business loan broker specializing in alternatives to small business loans, regardless of bad credit or other issues traditional banks cite to deny funding. “We often do not need personal guarantees of collateral, meaning small business owners wouldn’t be at risk of losing their property. We also do not require any time spent at our offices with our clients, saving you time in the loan process. By dispensing with restrictive protocols and offering our financing on an unsecured basis, we are able to lead the industry in funding speed, and specialize in fast turnaround business financing for qualified applicants.”

Urban Business Lending Group is an Atlanta-based business lending firm that provides funding to entrepreneurs that have completed its intense entrepreneurial training program. With its proven training and consulting track record, the firm is the standard for business lending experience.

Robinson’s philosophy is: “There’s a process you have to embark on and conquer in order to find your true mission. This journey is often isolated to self-discovery. Mastering entrepreneurship begins with mastering self. Once you understand your purpose and potential, then you can better build an enterprise. This what I had to do. It is called “Organic Business-Building.” Your business is built on a reflection of you and your ideals. I am sure you can recognize these ideals in some of our billion-dollar enterprises.”